EasyTEM allows the manager to have a detailed view for data consumption on mobile devices used by company employees. In addition to informing how much and how each user consumed, EasyTEM allows organizing consumption in branches, departments, cost centers, among others. It is feasible to determine a quota for each user as well as to define individual goals. In addition to informing individual consumption in real time, EasyTEM projects consumption until the end of the billing cycle. Consumption alerts are customizable and sent to the manager and end users. EasyTEM handles traffic consumed by users on a cellular network (3/4/5 G) separately from traffic on wi-fi and roaming networks. EasyTEM is an excellent tool to identify the franchise to be hired by the corporation according to the use of its users and an effective tool for auditing data collection by mobile operators.



EasyTEM consists of an application (APP) installed on mobile equipment (cell phones) and a central controller system. The application’s function is to collect consumption data for each event performed on the mobile phone (cell phone). The collected data (volume of data consumption for the event, date and time of the event and location of the device when the event was consumed) are transferred to the central system to categorize used application and consumption category . The application is installed on each mobile phone in the group to be managed. The central system consists of several calculation and control routines, installed in the cloud, has the functionality of receiving the data sent by the embedded application, processing it and presenting it to the responsible Manager.


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